Environmental Standards

Tennessee Valley Recycling LLC is committed to operating all of its facilities not only in full compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, but also as guardians of the land we occupy, the waters we adjoin, and the air that surrounds us.

As part of TVR’s commitment, we maintain a strict source control program.  For environmental, safety and health, legal, and quality control reasons, we are unable to accept the following items, whether presented alone or as a component of other scrap metal items.  We thank all our customers for your cooperation and understanding!

    • PCB’s, capacitors, fluorescent light ballasts, and all other items that contain PCB’s.
    • Copiers, microwave ovens, televisions
    • Computers, computer monitors and components
    • CFC’s, HCFC’s, and their substitutes (refrigerant gases and liquids such as Freon, etc.)
    • Appliances and vehicles with CFC’s, HCFC’s, and their substitutes.  All such substances must be recycled or removed in accordance with the law BEFORE you present the item to us for sale.
    • Drums, barrels, tanks; closed containers
    • Propane tanks, refrigerant gas tanks, compressed gas cylinders
    • Trash, garbage, paint cans with wet paint
    • Vehicles, appliances, and other scrap with trash, garbage, or excessive dirt
    • Any object with “hazardous”, “poisonous”, “explosive”, “flammable”, “radioactive”, “bio-hazard”, or “corrosive” markings, or other markings indicating that a dangerous substance has been in the object
    • Radioactive material, unspent airbag canisters, explosives, bullets, or shell casings
    • Catalytic converters (unless part of a scrap vehicle)
    • Loose tires (check with us concerning tires that are on scrap vehicles)
    • Mercury, liquids, concrete, asbestos, glass, certain kinds of medical equipment
    • Dry-cell batteries, auto batteries contained in scrap iron
    • All other hazardous, dangerous, or illegal items

This list is not intended to be exhaustive.  TVR reserves the right to amend, change, or otherwise alter this list without prior notice.