Scrap Dealer Services

Scrap dealer services

TVR is a consistent, reliable, and highly competitive buyer of scrap metals from scrap dealers, auto recyclers and salvage yards throughout the Tennessee Valley.

Need automobiles crushed at your facility? Our mobile crushing crews are in constant operation throughout the region. We crush and remove automobiles and other scrap metals quickly, efficiently, safely, and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Need scrap hauled from your facility? Our mobile crews can cut, load, and haul it; or, we can dispatch trailers if you just want your scrap hauled, prepared or unprepared.

Put TVR’s selling power to work for you. We negotiate with and sell directly to major consumers of scrap, so our prices are highly competitive in the marketplace. We trade scrap in the market every month, so you can rely on TVR being a consistent and dependable buyer of your scrap — every month.

Scrap Dealer Services at a Glance:

    • Dependable buyers of prepared and unprepared scrap iron and metals from dealers.
    • Auto crushing, removal and recycling services throughout the Tennessee Valley.
    • Modern mobile auto crushers with experienced crews.
    • Mobile scrap cutting and loading crews available.
    • Efficient hauling services.
    • We crush and remove autos and other scrap quickly, efficiently, safely and in an environmentally sound manner.
    • A reliable and highly competitive buyer of scrap metals every month.
    • Dependable payment for every load.